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The swim start is inside the Sawary Resort at the beach area. The Finish line is on the Sea Road near the road entrance leading to the Sawary Resort.


SWIM COURSE - 750m Sprint (1 Lap); 1500m Olympic (2 Laps)


Competitors enter and exit the water on the sandy beach. They will swim out of the Sawary bay, swim straight ahead keeping the buoys to their left and then turn left around the second buoy. Athletes will turn left again after the second buoy and swim toward the Sawary bay entrance. Athletes racing the Sprint distance will swim one lap, exit the water, cross the timing mat and run to the transition area to prepare for the bike leg. Athletes racing the Olympic distance exit the water, cross over the timing mat and re-enter the water to swim the second lap. Again when athletes finish their swim leg, they will exit the water, cross over the timing mat and run to the transition area to prepare for the bike leg.  




Note: The sea conditions are dependent upon the weather, in particular the wind conditions. The sea is usually not smooth but has some waves especially near the bay entrance. We will provide substantial swim safety support including paddle boards, jet skis, and boats. The jet skis and boats will not be near the swim course so will not interfere with the swimmers and are only present in case of emergency.

BIKE COURSE - 20km Sprint (1 Lap) - 40km Olympic (2 Laps)  


After putting on their bike gear, which includes a mandatory bike helmet, athletes will collect their bikes from the transition area, mount their bikes at the designated point on the side road and ride to the sea road and turn right to ride south 10 K to the turnaround point at Puncho Beach. Athletes must stay to the left of the barriers as the bike course is to the left of the barriers and the run course is to the right of the barriers. Race marshals will be at the turn around to log each bib number and correlate laps with the timing time. Athletes racing the Sprint distance do one lap; athletes racing the Olympic distance do two laps.


Attention: The road surface for the bike leg is rough. There are a few speed bumps in Kfarabida so watch for these. Be especially careful around the Army check point at Madfoun and also at the railway tracks at Castle Mare Beach Resort . We will cover the rail road tracks to help protect your bike tires but do take care. Do the same while riding north. We will have bike support on the course. Two ATV's will cover the 10 K of the course: one for the first 5 K and the other for the second 5 K. If you have bike trouble, an ATV will notify the ProShop help van. The ProShop team will be equipped to fix most tire punctures and other bike issues.


Also note: Drafting is not allowed this year. The Federation will have marshals on the bike course to monitor drafting. Any athlete caught drafting will have to go into the designated penalty area near the finish line for the penalty time duration.

RUN COURSE - 5km Sprint (1 Lap) - 10km Olympic (2 Laps)


Athletes must enter the side road from the sea road and dismount their bikes at the designated point right before the transition area. They must then rack their bikes and prepare for the run leg. Athletes will exit the transition area and run to the Sea Road, turn right going south 2.5 K to the turnaround point next to the Kfaraabida Pharmacy. Runners must stay to the right of the barriers to avoid cyclists.




The transition areas are located in the upper parking lot of the Sawary Resort. Team and individual bikes will be racked separately so will have their separate transition areas. Please be sure to look for the designated areas and rack your bikes accordingly.




The finish line will be located on the sea road just in front of the small road that leads to the Sawary Resort. Athletes will cross the finish line, receive their race medals and return the timing chips to the timing team. Food and drinks are in the food court area after the finish line.

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