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4. Will there be a race briefing?


Two race briefings will be held: one in Beirut a few days before the race and one in Batroun on Saturday evening before the race. Times and locations will be announce. These race briefings are mandatory as all athletes must know the race rules and regulations and pick up their race packets and bibs. There will not be a briefing on race day before the start.

5. How will you give me updates of any changes to race plans etc?


We will distribute changes to you via e-mail (to the address given when you register), our website and our Face Book page.  You may also contact us at the following e-mail address with any questions:

6. How do I pay for the participation?


In your Registration acknowledgement , you will see a link which will enable you to pay your fees via your Debit or Credit Card.  This year, you can only pay online. No payment will be accepted in person or on race day.

7. What is the entry fee ?


Individual registration costs USD55 per person. Team registration costs USD105 per team of two or three people.

9. Do you provide bicycles ?


Tri-Lebanon does not provide bicycles; however, ProShop Lebanon in Adonis has agreed to make a limited number of bicycles available to triathlon participants without charge on a first come, first served basis,  Call them at 09/221 379 to reserve your bicycle. You must present your reservation ID which you will receive via email upon registering for the race. Otherwise reasonably priced bicycle hire is available in Beirut and Batroun.  Hire and transportation of bicycles to the race location is the responsibility of each participant. Wearing a regulation bicycle helmet is compulsory.

10. Are you arranging transport to Batroun for me or my bicycle ?


The race transport sponsor Advanced Rental Cars will provide a shuttle leaving from Beirut to go to Batroun and back. Details about pick up time will be provided at a later time.

11. What is the age limit ?


The age limit for the sprint distance is 12 years; the age limit for the Olympic distance is 18 years.

12. Who is organizing the Tri-Lebanon Batroun Triathlon 2016?


The event is organized by Tri-Lebanon, a small group of triathletes and sports enthusiasts who organized the race on their own time and resources. Our team for the Tri-Lebanon Batroun 2017 consists of Mary Anne Ballouz, Aline Matta, Rana Kahwagi, Wael Shmeis, Sumer Daou, Fouad Debs, Bertrand Fattal, and Michel Matta,. We work very long hours and closely with the Municipalities, the local police and army, the Lebanese Red Cross and many other organizations to bring you an event as close to international quality as possible.


13. Will local hotels offer discounted rates for the athletes?


Yes, the race venue, the Sawary Resort, is offering amazing prices for athletes and their families. Please refer to their website for reservations.



3. Where can we buy triathlon clothing?


You can buy triathlon clothing at World Runner in Ain Mreisseh in Beirut across from Mc Donalds on the Manara. Telephone number: 03/351 590 and at The Triathlon Shop in Zouk Mkayel. Telephone number: 03/469 282.

2. Are wet suits allowed for the swim?


The race organizers will announce if wet suits are allowed on race day when the temperature of the water will be checked. If the temperature is 24.5 degrees Celsius or above, wet suits are not allowed. Usually, the water temperature is not cold enough for wet suits.

1. What equipment and gear do athletes need for the triathlon?


For the swim leg: race legal swim wear such as a race swim suit or a triathlon suit, goggles, and a swim cap. (This year, Tri-Lebanon will be providing swim caps for the race.) For the bike leg: race legal cycling clothes which include a top and shorts, a road or triathlon bike, a bike helmet and nutrition and hydration for the ride. For the run leg: race legal running clothes which include a top and shorts and running shoes. Running caps and sunglasses are optional.

14. Is bike drafting allowed?


No drafting will be allowed. This year, the Lebanese Triathlon Federation will be provide race marshals to help with race execution. Marshals will be on the bike course to monitor drafting. Any athlete caught drafting will receive a time penalty and will be obliged to wait in the designated penalty area for the time duration.