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Date:    Sunday October 14


Start :    8:00 am  for Olympic Race; 8:05 am for Sprint Race




Pre race check-in:   06:00 am at the check-in desk at the beach front deck. You will need to collect your timing chips, rack your bike, organize your belongings for transition, pump your tires, warm up, and prepare mentally for the race, so we recommend you come on time.




NB: Don't be late or you MAY be denied starting. We will not inconvenience people who turned


up on time by waiting for late arrivals.


Pre-race announcements and acknowledgements:      07:30 am




WHERE : Sawary Resort, Batroun, Lebanon




The swim begins at the sandy beach. The bike and run sections begin on the sea road.  You will be required to pass over timing pads when exiting the water, starting and finishing the bike and when starting and finishing the run. There will also be marshals along the course ensuring athlete security, checking bib numbers and ensuring sportsman-like behavior.




WHAT RACES :  There are four races offered: Sprint - individual; Sprint - team; Olympic - individual; Olympic - team.


All competitors use the same swim/bike/run course, but Olympic competitors will do two laps of each leg. The turn-arounds for the second laps will be clearly marked. All competitors must wear their timing chips.






  - 750m Open Water Swim  


  - 20k Bike


  - 5k Run  






  - 1500m Open Water Swim


  - 40k Bike


  - 10k Run







04:30 am    Organizers and volunteers arrive and meet at the Check-in Desk.


06.00 am    Check-in Opens - Athletes collect their timing chips


07:20 am    Check-in Closes


07:30 am    Race Announcements and Acknowledgements


08:00 am    Olympic Race Starts!


08:05 am     Sprint Race Starts


11:45 am    (Approximately) Race Finishes when the last athlete finishes



12:30 pm   Announcement of the winners


1:00 pm     Close and clean up – we welcome assistance with this!